Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Simple Joys of Frames

Simple Simple. Go to your local thrift store and pick out some nifty frames, BIG and small. Circles and squares. Go home and spray paint them with your favorite colors (I chose a glossy finish deep violet and turquoise) Hang in lovely pattern... (I did this one so we can expand around it when we find new frames)
Wall art on a budget? Go to your favorite stationary and wrapping paper retailer (I get mine at PaperSky in SLO or Papyrus) and pick out a couple papers you like. Then, with your 40% off coupon in tow, head over to Michael's and ask them to cut a large piece of foam core (in the framing section) for you into desired sizes. While there pick up aerosol spray glue. Head home and carefully spray the back of your beautiful paper and gently align and place on the foam core. wall art!

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