Friday, July 30, 2010

Simple Pillow(s)

Both my sister and I have a thing for owls right now.  They are so darn cute!

I had an old rectangular brown pillow but I was sick of it and needed a little oomph in my new room.

The little owl perched on the branch needed some friends and I wanted a bit more whimsy.

Luckily my roommate is quite a seamstress so on my birthday she surprised me with a pillow makeover!

She simply found these cute little hooters at a fabric store (look for coupons peeps!) and made a simple pillow cover.  You can't tell but the back is a thicker, white fabric.

So this weekend why not borrow a sewing machine and re-imagine your pillows.

It can make somethings simple, s u b l i m e.

p.s. try one of these links for tutorials or do your own google search (o;

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