Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remember the Frames...

Remember those frames well they were nice but needed a little special somethin'.

I love when guests come over for a visit and am sad when they leave.  Ah-hah, wouldn't it be nice to remember the lives that have blessed this home?

People matter.  Their presence matters.

So why not, remember?

For the backdrop, I chose some pretty scrapbook papers that worked with my home. You could also use an old calendar picture (like I did for the lower right square).

I then took flower wire and randomly wired and secured it with tape on the back of the frame.

Then came the fun part, picking things to string on the frame (papaya! stickers, bible verses, and photos taken of guests in the frame).  To print the pictures (I used costco) choose wallet size, white border frame, and matte or glossy (personal preference).

Look at those adorable little doodles! They liked being photographed so much they wanted to do it twice.

See, it's the little, simpler things that make a house a home (all on a shoestring budget!)

Now go take a picture with someone you love.