Monday, July 26, 2010

Transformation (think layers).

I like a good make-over project.  Don't you?

I happened upon the cutest wine holder and decided with a little TLC there was a gem to be found!

I liked the old fashioned style of her.  It is dated 1923!

But the brown wood wasn't doing much for her.

However, her beautiful frame was and I wanted to build upon that feature.

I see black.  (Wine bottles are already artsy goodness, so she needed a basic backdrop.)

But black didn't highlight the cool detailing on the sides and the date.

So I painted and brushed over her in gold and sandpapered.

And I sandpapered and hilighted some more...

And...I'd like to re-introduce you to...

Her beautiful transformed self!  Just needed a little TLC to bring out her best sides... (o;

If you're on the Central Coast, I want to find her a good home.  Vino abounds and she would make a great place to display your red & white best!

Only $20.

If you are interested please leave a comment and I will get back with you.

Now go find a little something to give your TLC to!


  1. I think that should be worth at least $25! Great work! Love it!

  2. sorry gang, the wine rack sold. which inspires me to sell a few more charming little things on the Restoration Home blog.